The Big Reset: Why COVID-19 presents a blue moon moment for mental health technology.


COVID- 19 has put future mental healthcare provision firmly in the spotlight. Healthcare systems across the world are experiencing huge surges in demand.

What will the impact on mental healthcare be in the aftermath and long term? Critical new thinking is required to ensure the right technologies are adopted.

In our position paper we have gathered views from some of the most respected leaders and thinkers in healthcare, mental health and teletherapy to share their perspectives on the critical issues, the challenges ahead, and the opportunities emerging in the new mental healthcare landscape.

Contributors include;

  • Walter Greenleaf – Behavioral Neuroscientist and Medical Technology Developer, Stanford University
  • Skip Rizzo – Director for Medical VR at The University of Southern California’s Institute for Creative Technologies
  • Matt Vogl – Executive Director at National Mental Health Innovation Center
  • David Kessler – Professor of Primary Care, Bristol University
  • Sam Nordberg – Chief of Behavioral Health at Reliant Medical Group
  • Brett Atwood – VP, Ventures at United Health Group R&D

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