Pioneering VR trial to treat severe anxious social avoidance.


The Chinese University of Hong Kong and AXA Hong Kong, in partnership with Oxford VR, are beginning a second stage of research.

Following a successful pilot earlier in the year, our immersive VR program is being tested with Cantonese speakers who are severely anxious in social situations. The trial is examining how VR can treat severe anxious social avoidance in Hong Kongers. With COVID-related lockdowns affecting the mental health of the Hong Kong population, the trial aims to address developments in this space.

The study is based on Oxford VR’s ground-breaking anxious social avoidance product. The program is currently being trialled in the UK’s NHS funded project, gameChange. In partnership with the University of Oxford, the program has been designed to treat patients with psychosis.

“We are incredibly pleased that the initial stages of the trial have shown the potential for the program to benefit the people of Hong Kong. We’ve seen the impact that anxious social avoidance can have on people’s daily life and wellbeing, and this has clearly been exacerbated by the pandemic. To be a step closer to finding a solution for this is exciting and we hope the second phase of the trial demonstrates the same positive findings.  We are proud to be working with AXA Hong Kong and The Chinese University of Hong Kong to potentially deliver life changing outcomes for the trial participants.”

Arvind Tewari

Chief Operating Officer, Oxford VR

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