Our exemplary VR innovation in mental healthcare has been highlighted by the latest NHSX Global Digital Exemplar (GDE) Blueprint which has been published on the Future NHSX Collaboration Platform.

The GDE, Virtual reality as a psychological tool, details how Oxford VR’s automated VR therapy has been integrated into NHS IAPT Talking Therapy services.


Peter Cardwell-Gardner and Barnaby Perks, Oxford VR.  


Speaking about this development, Barnaby Perks, Founding CEO of Oxford VR said:

We are immensely proud that Oxford VR’s automated therapy is exemplified in the latest NHSX DGE Blueprint publication. In these unprecedented times for mental healthcare, digital transformation will be central to building capacity.  This is an important Blueprint that NHS Trusts can turn to, for an evidence-based and highly scalable intervention, that is making a real-world impact and is based on years of rigorous research”.

Oxford VR played an instrumental role in creating the NHSX GDE blueprint.

Click below to download the press release and learn more.