Scientific American have featured Professor Daniel Freeman and Oxford VR’s immersive VR therapy online.

The online article, released on 02 August 2019, features the gameChange trial; the first large-scale trial of virtual reality therapy for serious mental health conditions in the UK.

“I enter the simulation to find myself in a spacious waiting room with lush foliage visible through large windows. Turning around, I see a computer-graphics representation of a woman behind me, slightly cartoonish but detailed and three-dimensional. This is the “therapist.” Casually dressed, with a relaxed, reassuring manner, her voice is measured and soothing as she guides me through interacting with menu bars floating in front of me”. 

“GameChange could show how you can automate psychological treatment and get it out to health care systems at scale. If we can crack that, it will show the way for many other conditions”. 


Daniel Freeman – Founder and Chief Clinical Officer

Read the full Scientific American article by Simon Makin online today.