Daniel Freeman is attending the Royal Society today to discuss the use of VR therapy using reality simulations as evidence-based psychological treatments.

Automated VR psychological treatments can be used for conditions such as fear of heights, social anxiety and schizophrenia. Cost-effective, clinically validated virtual reality technologies are user-centered treatments for patients with mental health problems.

Daniel further explores how VR treatments can be made more engaging and appealing for patients than traditional therapies.

Daniel has been one of the pioneers of the use of Virtual Reality to understand and treat mental health problems, with research funded by the Wellcome Trust, the UK Medical Research Council, and the NHS National Institute of Health Research. The most recent trial was published in The Lancet in August 2018.

“In the trial for a Fear of Heights treatment,  we used a virtual coach, Nic, to guide users through a cognitive treatment. On average, people spent around two hours in VR over five sessions. Everyone in the VR group saw their fear of heights diminish, with the average reduction being 68%.” Prof. Daniel Freeman

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