Daniel Freeman attending Edinburgh Science Festival 2019 amongst a global network of inspirational speakers.

Edinburgh Science Festival celebrates science and technology with a diverse programme of innovative events.

“Specific areas of focus will include Healthcare Frontiers, Engineering Frontiers, Digital Frontiers, Environmental Frontiers and Planetary Frontiers.”

Prof. Freeman was on a panel alongside Prof. Ruth Aylett exploring how technology is used to improve mental health, exploring virtual reality to treat depression among other conditions and more.

Daniel spoke to The Herald, exploring further the use of VR. Something which should be used alongside therapists, not as a replacement for therapists.

“I think we actually need more therapists, not fewer. For some issues and for some people’s preferences they need to see a therapist, and we need more of them. But I think if we’re going to reach the large numbers of people we need to help, then VR needs to be one part of the equation.” Read more.