In 2019, Professor Daniel Freeman was invited by BBC Two’s Trust Me, I’m a Dr  to help co-presenter Dr Alain Gregoire overcome his crippling fear of heights in just two hours with Oxford VR’s immersive technology.

The team at Oxford VR are extremely proud to see our co-founder Professor Daniel Freeman featured on BBC Two talking about our automated VR therapy.

The VR therapy builds on decades of Professor Daniel Freeman’s pioneering research at the Department of Psychiatry, Oxford University.

“It feels incredibly real…  Throughout my career I believed it takes significant time to make psychological changes. This has definitely worked for me. I have no doubt at all”.

Dr Alain Gregoire, commenting Oxford VR’s immersive therapy.

After just two hours of treatment, viewers could see first-hand how the VR therapy had made a major improvement.

Professor Freeman talked on the programme about how the clinical trial for fear of heights using VR therapy, published in the Lancet Psychiatry, showed large scale clinical benefits – 68% of people who had fear of heights for over 30 years saw an improvement in their phobia after having the VR therapy.

“It’s hard to think of many mental health conditions that it couldn’t benefit. We are working on treatments for a large number of conditions”.

Professor Daniel Freeman discussing the potential of VR therapy.

On January 8th 2020, the piece was aired on BBC Two. Watch the video below to view the clip.